Weird Health Tips That Work Wonders for You

Your mum had definitely told you that if you swallow a seed, a tree will grow inside your stomach! We used to cry a lot thinking about ‘tree’ whenever we had swallowed a seed by mistake. This was just one of the funniest and craziest things that we were told when we were kids. However, there are some really weird health tips that can actually make your health better.

Weird Health Tips

 Sniff! Sniff!

If you are trying to lose weight but cannot stop eating, here is a tip. Sniff your food. Yes, you heard that right! There are many doctors who have proved that sniffing food makes the brain think that you have actually eaten it. This will cause you eat less and eventually will help you lose weight.

Build Muscles and Fit The Small Size

Ther are people who are chubby and there are the slim ones. It may shock you but many chubbier ones and the thin-muscular ones weigh the same. This is because muscle takes up a small space and they compact the volume of fat. In the case of chubby people, they also have the same amount of fat but their fat is not compact in the body. Therefore, building muscles mean you are healthy, slim and will not look bulky as well. Is it not great?

Hot Sauce Trick

So if you are on dieting mode and is craving for food, just do not panic. As you think you are eating more, gulp some hot sauce in your tummy. Make sure its damn chilly. This will keep your diet under control and will make you drink more water than taking in more food in your belly.

Don’T Brush Immediately After Eating

Well, we all have grown up studying science books which told us to brush thoroughly after every meal. Here is a little more than those books forgot to tell. The food contains acids and these acids remain in your mouth and teeth for sometime after your meals. Even after rinsing your mouth, the traces of these food acids do not leave your teeth. When you brush immediately, these acids react with the toothpaste and they can soften your tooth enamel. You can get a toothache as when your tooth softens they become weak. Also, sometimes they can even cause a brown layer on your teeth due to abrasive action.

Drink A Hot Beverage To Cool

What! This is one of the most awkward and Weird Health Tips you would have heard! Is it not? But here is a satisfactory explanation for this ‘mindboggling’ advice. When hot beverage enters your body, the body starts sweating at a very quick pace. This makes the body to change the temperature faster. When sweat comes out, much heat is also expelled from the body which makes your body cooler. This way, the body starts getting a pleasantly cool temperature.

We hope the above weird health tips will be helpful for you. So, follow these tips and make yourself healthy.


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