Weight Loss Tips which are really evidences based

Losing weight is not hard if you know your goals. It takes a lot of determination and efforts to accomplish the results.  Let’s face it we all want to look good and want an attractive body shape. Here we have shared 5 tips to weight loss and stay healthy.

No need to quit on you, follow these healthy tips for weight loss

Take baby steps to lose weight

Once we know our goal like “I want to lose 5 kg in 3 months”. You don’t need to jump on the diet plan and regular exercise. You need to start slow with your plan.  Start with walking 10 minutes a day and gradually increase it till 30 minutes a day. Similarly, don’t go for strict diet rather takes nutritional diet at regular intervals.  Make small changes every week and you will definitely get the results.

Check your meals

Do not follow the complicated diet. Carefully track your diet and calories. Generally, people follow the diet for few days then give up. Complex diet is burdensome and ends up with negative results. The diet works for your best switch to a simple diet plan with low-calorie foods. It is advised to follow the diet at frequent intervals of two hours so that you are motivated and don’t end up giving up.

Do not suffer from weight loss emotional aspects

People tend to eat more due to emotional aspects of stress, anxiety, depression, community peer pressure etc. It is very difficult to tackle these aspects. That is why it is important to be determined and control your hunger in emotional situations. To remain fit and healthy one should know how to manage emotions. This can be done by doing some light Yoga exercise at home. Yoga is very effective to achieve long-term health benefits.

 Include green tea in your diet

There is a growing popularity of green tea benefits for weight loss. Green tea stimulates fat oxidation and improves metabolism. Instead of having milk tea you can switch it to green tea. You can take three to four times a day. Many trainers and dieticians recommend green tea intake for weight loss. Green tea contains the active compound called catechins which helps to boost metabolism and burn unwanted fat quickly. You can get green tea supplements from the market and lose weight quickly.

Stick to veggies

According to the research, eating veggies contribute a lot to weight management. People who eat veggies can lose 5 kg in one month. That is why diet specialist asks to have lots of salad as it is nutritional and support weight loss. Save the bread at the end of the meal. When you eat vegetables before simple carbs, it controls blood pressure and sugar level. At the end leads to weight loss. You can include these vegetables like carrot, mushroom, cucumber, cauliflower etc in your daily routine diet to lose weight.

Follow the above weight loss tips to stay healthy and fit.


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