Ways Men Can Appear More Attractive

When it comes to attracting women, men tend to forget that their simplest of action, body language or habit can attract women. Attractiveness doesn’t just come from looks and a heavy wallet. Rather it is a combination of different factors such as grooming, personality, and style. Genes can’t be controlled nor physical traits. When you can’t make changes in your body, which is naturally bestowed to you. Why not enhance what you’ve got?! From walking, clipping your nails to a smile, anything can make you look attractive.

Let’s look at few simple things that can make you appear more attractive:

  1. Haircut –

Get yourself a decent haircut! If you’re not lucky enough in the looks department, a good haircut can come to your rescue. Let go of that boring style. Instead try out different hairstyles. This won’t cost much as well. Also, if you have dandruff or other scalp issues, take care of it. Get a good treatment or a shampoo.

  1. attractive Shoes –

Good shoes can sound cliché, but they work! Some women tend to have a first look at the shoes of a man. They can change your entire look. However, do not turn being a clown with some sparkling, disco light shoes. Be a gentleman, spend some bucks and get a good pair of shoes.

  1. Smell Good –

Men, widen your eyes and read. Most women are obsessed with how you smell. Yes, note it if you want. How you smell is very important to get yourselves in woman’s good books. Grab a great perfume, aftershave or cologne. You can even try mixing two smells since smelling same all the time is a bit of turn off for the women.

  1. Outfit –

What you wear on a certain occasion says a lot about your style. Appearing in casual clothes in a five-star restaurant may show you as a careless person. Whereas, appearing all suited up to a movie date may show you as a prudish and boring person. You know where you are going, so dress according to that. Strike a balance for all the times. Do not try loud colours, if you aren’t confident enough. Also, do not overthink, just wear what you’re comfortable in.

  1. Basic grooming –

Taking a shower every day, wearing clean clothes, combing your hair are all basic part of grooming and your daily routine. Men doesn’t need to be told for these things. However, sometimes we all tend to be lazy, careless or just nasty. But these things can certainly turn off any woman. Also, doing these things will also maintain your hygiene and physical health. So, don’t be a naughty kid!

  1. Nails –

Not cutting nails is the biggest turn off! Yes, women don’t like men who have dirty, big nails. It certainly shows that you’re an unhygienic person. Be sure to cut your nails every week, especially before going on a date.

Lastly, just be nice to everyone, to the men and women around you. Being attractive may certainly get you a good women.

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