Top Tips to quit smoking through E-cigarette


The e-cigarette is basically an electronic device which has nicotine delivery system. It is available in the market in the form of e-cigars, e-hookah or vapes. These are the safe ways for smokers to quit the cigarette than going to a rehabilitation center. E-cigarette works by heating a liquid that has nicotine other chemicals. Due to nicotine, people get addicted. Nicotine is bad for the health and affects the brain development. In recent studies, it was found people who use e -cigar had the lower level of toxin in a body as compared to the combustible cigarette.

Negative Health effects of smoking

Tobacco is very dangerous to the health. It has harmful elements like nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar, and acetone. It affects the entire body. Smoking increases the risk of many disease and early death. Cigarettes have many harmful chemicals which directly affect the lungs. It affects the whole nervous system.

It is very difficult to quit smoking because sudden withdrawal from nicotine may make you feel anxious and lead to depression. Smoking affects the respiratory system badly. It damages the lungs and leads to chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and the variety of problems. Smoking also damages the cardiovascular system. It tightens the blood vessels and restrict the flow of blood and cause peripheral artery disease.

Don’t afraid to take your time for quitting smoking

Most of the smokers try to quit smoking but are unsuccessful. Quitting smoking is a very effective to avoid serious illness and premature death. So, don’t be afraid how long it will take to quit the smoking. Before getting into the process of quitting, try to set the time period. Divide the time period into three phases.

The first phase starts with using e cigarettes and phase two is cutting down the number of e-cigar and the third phase deals with no smoking time. The time period is different for different person. Nicotine makes people addictive but there are some habits like using your hand to mouth holding cigarette every time. These habitual actions also keep smokers to cling on smoking.

Tips to quit smoking through E-cigarette

Be consistent- You have to take the consistent approach. A strong will power and determination, initially all you need. Always carry an e-cigar with you instead of the cigarette and use it at a time of extreme need.

Reduce the level of nicotine- Drop down from high strength nicotine to medium strength nicotine Try this for next one month and drop the next level from the next month. One step at a time will make you win the race of quitting smoking.

Drop down the level to zero nicotine-In the few spans of time you will be able to get habitual for taking low strength nicotine to zero level. Now you are very little far from quitting. Do not lose hope take your time to the level of a comfort zone. You have almost finished the quitting process.

Congratulations, you are no longer addicted to the nicotine. Now you can leave the e -cigarette. If you need it at some time that you can have e- the cigar with zero nicotine. This way you can easily get rid of smoking.


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