Top Benefits of Apple which You May Not Have Known

A very old Welsh proverb goes like this – “ an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” We have been hearing this since our childhood days, by our parents and in school as well. But is this saying true? How much do we know about the benefits of apple? Although an apple is a very common fruit, but hardly do we know about its benefits. Here in this article, we shall come across various health benefits and its properties.

Apples are one of the richest fruits amongst various other fruits which have a high source of anti-oxidants and flavonoids. Apples contain the maximum amount of dietary fibers which are very important for our body and its growth. Its phytonutrients and antioxidants provide a boost to our body. It is very helpful in reducing the risk of heart diseases, cancer, lungs diseases, anemia and many more diseases.

Apples contain maximum amount of vitamin – C and other antioxidants which helps your body to remain healthy. Collagen in our body helps in healing the wound and keeps the skin healthy and glowing.

Apple is one of the most famous fruits which contains the maximum amount of antioxidants. It one of the most consumed and cultivated fruit all over the world. People are well aware of its nutritional values and its medicinal properties. Apples have also been ranked as the top 10 most famous and consumed fruit.

Health Benefits –

Research studies from all over the world have shown that apples have the highest source of vitamins, dietary fibers, flavonoids and antioxidants which help our body to stay healthy and at the same time it has such strong medicinal properties which help our body in better growth.

  • Antioxidants are present in abundance in apples which helps in destroying inflammation of neurons.
  • Apples are also called as nutritional power houses. Vitamin – C present in it in abundance helps in improving the damage caused by free radicals to our body. It also boosts the body’s immunity and resistance to various diseases and infections.
  • B complex vitamins help in maintaining red blood vessels and our nervous system in good health.
  • Phytonutrients protect our body from the damage caused to our body and system by free radicals.
  • Iron/folate helps our body to keep the level of hemoglobin in our body.
  • Fiber present in apples prevents our body from bad cholesterol rising in our body.
  • The skin of the apple is also as important as the entire apple itself. It contains ursolic acid, which helps our body to fight obesity. It helps in burning the calories present in our body thus preventing obesity.

Apples lower the risk of chronic diseases and help protect our body, maintains the level of various cells and keeps our body safe from free radicals.


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