Top 7 Natural Ways to Tighten Your Vagina

It is very embarrassing to face such situations but it is a real issue for women. A floppy vagina results in many problems like low confidence, reduce sexual pleasure, delayed orgasm etc.  The first few years of marriage are wonderful. But after the birth of a child, the path of healthy sex life is not good because of less vagina tight. Pregnancy and child birth is the primary cause for stretched vagina. This is not an uncommon issue vaginal looseness is very common.

Try these 7 natural ways for getting vagina tight which are as follows-

  1. Healthy Diet-Healthy diet is not only good for the health but also for vagina health. It strengthens the pelvic floor. It is advised to eat fenugreek, sesame seed, pomegranate, soybean, carrots, wheat, and apple. Follow a planned diet to have strong and healthy inner muscles.
  2. Aloe Vera Gel- It is the best natural remedy at home. It can be used as astringent. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Minerals, Zinc, Magnesium, and sodium to promote tightness of vagina. You use the direct aloe vera gel from the plant aloe vera. Just squeeze the gel from fresh plant leaf and gently apply it with your finger over the vagina. Repeat it twice and thrice a day.
  3. Key gel Exercise- This is the basic exercise which can be done at home. It is a very simple vaginal muscle exercise which tightens the floppy vagina. While you stop the flow of urine lye on your back and find the muscle to stop the flow. Then Squeeze them for few second and relax for a second. Try it for 25 repeats. It is advised to do 5 to 6 sets of exercise every day. After a week, you will notice changes down there
  4. Squatting- A body squat is a good exercise. It is very easy to perform the squat. Put your feet apart and position your toes out. Bend and pretend to sit back with your hips. Now raise your body and again pretend to sit back with your hips. Take a pause for a second and repeat 6 times. Try two sets daily. If done properly, squats effectively increase the strength of its muscles.
  5. Yoga- Doing Yoga on regular basis is really helpful for toning vagina muscles. You can try bridge pose, child’s pose etc for the pelvic muscles strengthening. Repeating these poses daily will get the vagina tight like before.
  6. Wear cotton panty- Wearing cotton underwear is always a good option. It prevents unhealthy bacteria which might cause infection. It is one of the natural ways to tighten the vagina naturally.
  7. Use of Vitamin E- Vitamin E capsules is easily available in the market. It is the best remedy for the treatment of floppy vagina. It is a moisturizer which effectively treats the muscles of the vagina. Insert a Vitamin E capsule in it, let it naturally absorbed.

To achieve positive results, focus on the exercise and daily natural diet. There are so many ways as discussed above through which you can strengthen the inner muscles.


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