Tips to Enhance Breast Milk

Nursing your baby with your own breast milk is very important for every mother. Breast milk has nutrition, provides antibodies against infection, allergies and other illness. It also helps the mother to lose pregnancy weight and provide protection against breast or ovarian cancer. It is quite disappointing for a new mother to find out that she isn’t producing enough milk.

Are you on the same page? Do not worry, so many mothers experience this worry. For starters, you need to be sure whether your milk supply is really low? Many mothers have this concern when it really isn’t. Please know that the size and feel of the breast, the number of times you nurse the baby and the quantity of milk you pump do not determine if you produce enough milk for the baby.

It is important to understand that only a small number of women face medical problems that affect the production of breast milk. Most common causes are inadequate food and fluid intake, fatigue, stress and a short period of nursing. Often, people lack very basic lactation training resulting in frustrating the mother.

Let’s look at few tips to Enhance Breast Milk that will solve this problem:

  1. Do not schedule the nursing times. Feed the milk to your baby as and when the baby demands. Remember, the more you feed, the more milk your breast will produce. Do not think that your baby will become clingy and dependent on frequent nursing. Rather put out your breast for the baby if you see any kind of signal – whether the baby is hungry, upset or crying.
  2. Please do not use nipple shields, pacifiers and bottles unless you see the absolute necessity. If your nipple is sore, the reason might be a poor latch. For the body to produce more milk, it is necessary for the breast to be stimulated. And no one better than the baby to do it!
  3. Do not rush while feeding. Let the baby take his own time.
  4. The most common problem faced by new mothers is, they start offering milk formulas to the baby. There may be different reasons due to that, but once you start doing that, the baby may start to refuse the breast milk. And be more habitual for the formula.
  5. Again, a very important point. New mothers should make sure to feed themselves with enough nutritious foods in order to produce sufficient milk. They should consume more calories but they should be nutritious calories. Eat leafy green foods, avocado, chia seeds, eggs, protein, and nuts.
  6. Breastfeeding moms should drink plenty of water. Lack of water may lead to constipation, hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Hence, drink lots of water to stay hydrated and energetic.
  7. If possible, be there for the baby 24×7. The more your skin and the baby’s skin makes contact, there is an increase in the production of oxytocin (which is involved in milk production).

Lastly, get help. Do not lose hope and let your baby suffer. Reach out for help, talk to your doctor, consult a lactation expert, read breastfeeding books and stay updated. So, Enhance Breast Milk with the above tips.

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