Use Spin Bike for indoor exercises

What do you understand by Spin Bike?

Spin bikes are new form of indoor exercises that can be performed by anyone who wishes to reduce weight gradually but slowly. It is also known as indoor cycling bike exercise. The basic advantage of this bike is that it actually resembles to be similar to a real bike but is very much helpful.

Diamond Fitness 5101c

  • This cycle helps you get 16 various levels which have a magnetic resistance which is all controlled & managed by the computer.
  • Seat adjustments, handle adjustments, and chain drive system is available to make your cycle ride smooth while you workout.
  • It gives the report of your heart rate function.
  • This cycle has 14-18 different automated programs for work out.
  • The maximum weight of this product is 126 pounds and the user can be handled till 300-500 Pounds.
  • Has an attractive strong and stable built with an LCD to which helps display your body totally while you workout?


Spinner NXT Spin Bike

  • This bike has been set up to be highly user-friendly and easy to understand; also custom features can be transmitted in this bike or machine.
  • It has AFT handlebars which are highly flexible & adjustable and the seats are micro-adjustable along with SPD compatible pedals & pads that will help you have the best grip.
  • Elbow rests are also available on the machine with water bottle holders for maximum 2 bottles.
  • This machine is also designed with a chain is driven system.
  • The maximum weight that can be handled is 350-380 pounds of weight while the machine weight is 140 pounds.


Keiser M3i/ M3iX Plus –

  • Handlebars, adjustable seats and better pedals & pads are seen in this spin bike.
  • It has a better LCD quality which shows your cardio report and health variations that you are taking place on the machine.
  • The best feature is that this spin bike is the lightest flywheels and so it is 8 pounds only.
  • The maximum weight person this machine can carry is 400 pounds and the normal weight of the machine is 140 pounds only.
  • The system in this machine is not chain drive it is magnetic totally.


Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II

  • It is a chain driven system & not magnetic.
  • Resistance controller is as per the brake systems which is easy to handle.
  • Unlike the others, it has a two brake pad system which helps in giving better grip while using.
  • The best feature is it has the pedals moving both backwards and forward.
  • This machine has an emergency button to stop if the workout turns out to be unresisting.
  • Adjustable seats, handle bars, pedals & pads are all available with this machine.
  • It has the capacity of carrying a person at the nominal weight of 275 pounds.
  • And while the nominal weight of this machine is 118 pounds.


Sunny SF – B 1001

  • You will find better pedals & brake pads, adjustable seats, moving vertical & horizontal handle bars, toe straps to keep a good grip.
  • Has a good speed controller which will stop immediately when it gets unresisting
  • The machine’s weight is almost 100 pounds.
  • The basic weight that the machine can handle is 250 pounds.

So, you must select one of the above spine bikes for indoor exercise. They will be very good for you!

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