Specialty of Heart Bypass Surgery

In Heart Bypass Surgery, a piece vein has taken from one part of our body and grafted along with the blocked artery that is why alternative bypass flow has been created). Then the oxygenated types of blood are sent to the lungs which spread out all over our body.

From one side, it is one of the most crucial tasks and in the other sense, without the supply of blood and oxygen, patients will not able to stay anymore. Sometimes, heart muscles are not able to take the blood supply; in that case, it becomes the serious condition for any patient. Now a day’s different technologies have come in India for curing this disease.


  • Basically, the heart diseases are called as coronary artery disease. The doctor will recommend you for heart surgery at that time when the blockage is so severe to control.
  • When your coronary arteries are become blocked or narrowed, at that time doctor will recommend you for heart surgery. There are several heart specialists doctors are here in India who has some experience for more than 10 years in this field.
  • Sometimes any damage can happen in heart’s primary pump, at that very moment if you go to your doctor for the check-up, they will surely recommend you to go for heart surgery.


  • Kidney diseases
  • PAD or peripheral arterial disease
  • Diabetes
  • Emphysema

Heart bypass surgery treatment has some special appeal of its own. the doctors are recommended for different types of bypass surgeries like-

  • Single bypass where one artery will be blocked.
  • Double bypass where two arteries will be blocked.
  • Triple bypass where three arteries will be blocked.
  • Quadruple bypass where four arteries will be blocked.

Actually, the heart attack, failure or any cardiac issue depends on the number of arteries that have blocked.

Most often cases left ventricle, and the heart’s primary pump will be affected for this heart disease. According to NHLBI, CABG or coronary artery bypass grafting is the very common type of heart surgery which is done for the adults only. Apart from these, in India, open heart surgery, as well as traditional heart surgery, has been taken place. But sometimes, there may be some risks while doing these types of surgeries like- lung or kidney failure, blood clot, breathing problem, chest pain, pneumonia etc.

There are lots of hospitals where heart bypass surgery has been done and specialized doctors are also there. So any patient can get proper treatment from those hospitals if they will be under those renowned doctors. After the successful surgery, if anyone takes care of him or her in a proper way, they can get a new life where there will not any problem regarding their hearts and all.


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