How Your Sleeping Position Affect Your Body?

When we exercise apart from the exercise itself your form is very important. Same should go while you sleep. Sleep is one of the crucial factors that decide how your next day is going to be.

Often people do not get their full quota of eight hours to sleep but if you are getting it and still you are unable to feel full of energy next day then you need to look for the flaws in your sleep.

Sleep on your left side for good mornings

The most scientifically backed theory regarding sleep is of sleeping on your left side. Though our body seems to be symmetric when looked upon outside. If we see the placement of our internal organs then you will notice that our body is completely asymmetric from the inside.

People who have pleasant bowels in the morning are indeed quite lucky. There are many people who live with irritable bowel syndrome with constipation and many other such diseases. People experiencing it should take help from the Mother Nature or so to say gravity.

If you sleep on your left side then gravity helps your waste to travel from the ascending colon, then into transverse colon and hen finally dumping into descending colon. This movement of waste helps you get a good bowel in the morning.

Benefits of Sleeping Position on your side

There are quite a lot of benefits of sleeping on your side

  • Boosts brain health

It has been scientifically proven that side sleeping helps in boosting mental health too. Side sleeping actually helps in clearing what we call as interstitial waste, that in turn helps you in fighting against neurological problems like Parkinson.

  • Prevents snoring

Sleeping on your side prevents your tongue to fall in your throat that might have blocked the airway partially. Due to this, you might just overcome the problem of snoring.

Get a relief in pain by sleeping on your backside

Now everything written above doesn’t mean that sleeping on your back will give you health problems. Sleeping on your back will help you relieve pain from jaw and shoulder regions. This might also help you in getting a significant relief from the chronic pains.

Not only pain, sleeping on your back might also help you with the stuffy nose and sinus buildup. Sometimes it gets really difficult to find a comfortable position while suffering from a chronic pain. But sleeping on your back with a pillow with trial and error strategy will help you find one.

Sleeping on the tummy is not a nice choice

Since your major weight is concentrated in the center. If you sleep on your stomach the body pushes down further into the mattress.

Now, this gives a big strain to your spine and because of this, you might experience pain in your back and neck. It might help you in preventing a snore, but still a side position is better.

Sleeping positions are very important to your health. So, take care of your sleeping position and see major problems go away.


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