SI joint pain- Everything You should know about it

SI joint pain is another type of acute pain that can affect your lower back portion. SI basically means Sacroiliac joint that lies in your lower back next to your spine on either side. There are two of them. Almost 8 out of 10 people (male & female) suffer from severe backaches. There are various types of backaches that can affect you at any age. Earlier it was considered that if you are in your old age, backache is bound to happen. But today, backache and many other problems have no age. This can affect anybody irrespective of any age.

However, today if you see the survey, most people under the age group of 30 to 50 years suffer from various sorts of backaches. The reason is simply that there is a lot of work pressure these days. People work more than their stamina and it is not just a 9 to 5 job anymore. This super hectic work mode has affected the younger lot nowadays.

Have you ever experienced any shooting pain in your lower back while you get up from your chair? If you have then you know that it is SI joint pain that has taken over. Do not panic! There are treatment and medication for everything. Whenever you experience any shooting pain in your back either while sitting or lying, do not let it take over you, do not ignore this. It can rather aggravate if ignored. It’s time to get the treatment done before it worsens.

What does SI joint pain feel like?

Pain can be from mild to acute. However, this differs from person to person. Some facts that you need to know about this – SI joint pain starts from your lower back but are not necessary that it remains there. Many have experienced pain and numbness in their buttocks while other experienced that moved towards thighs as well and towards the upper back also. These are the different cases with different people those who have experienced this pain.

The pain can shoot up in the morning while you get up from your bed. You might feel the stiffness in your lower back while you get up from your bed. It gets better by the day once you begin to move.


The simple cause of any joint pain or any a backache is the inflammation of the nerves. Now there is no specific reason for inflammation in the nerves. This can happen anytime like you might have had any previous history of any sort of hurt by falling down or while playing sports. When there is any jerk that the joints receive- knowingly or unknowingly, SI joint pain can be the reason in the later years.

SI joint pain is a very common problem that affects more than 30% of the people. So there is no need to worry if you feel that pain. Your task is to consult your doctor for medication without ignoring the fact that you are in pain and to follow some exercises regularly in order to remain fit.

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