Get Fit Body with the rowing machine

Are you trying hard to make your body fit but not succeed in it?? Well, you have come to the right page as we are will tell you about some machine which can be helpful for you!

Stamina Air Rowing machine- Well if you are in search of a low budget rowing machine then this one will suit you. Even though it is low priced the features given are really appreciable. Here are some quick features we’ll rush through:

  • This machine is smooth and comfortable for any kind of user may it be old or young, this machine takes care of the fitness of each age group and range.
  • This machine is wind resistant and has a quiet, comfortable seat grip with foot pads.
  • It shows your calories burnt, for how much time did you row, your past performance if any.
  • The unique character of this machine is that it helps you to analyse your performance by recollecting the past data.
  • In comparison to other machines, this machine is less by weight, i.e. in the range of 250-280 pounds.
  • This machine is capable of carrying and handling weight up to 250-280 pounds.! Surprising, right! But this is true!
  • There many a times height issues that are faced by people but with this machine even the person with a 6Feet height can exercise and stay fit!

 Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine- If you are searching for a robust, tough, attractive machine then your search ends at this innovative creation of Lifecore R100 which is so well priced and has the best features in built. This machine can be used personally and commercially too. Here are some glimpses:

  • This machine is operated according to the Electronic Brake System Technology.
  • This machine has resistance to air & magnets & not water considerably.
  • This machine is more beneficial for athletes as it smoothly helps them exercise.
  • Good handle bars for grip and adjustable foot pads with grip are given with this machine.
  • The outward look of the machine is a bit sturdy and has a black semi glossy coat with steel frames and solid steel support.
  • As all rowing machines, this rowing machine has an LCD monitor to capture the performance and update you about how far you have achieved.
  • This machine also shows how many calories you have burnt in how many minutes/hours, total strokes have taken per minute/hour, heart pulse rate, the distance achieved etc.
  • In these machines, there are almost 16 challenging programs and 16 magnetic levels with 4-5 heart rate programs.
  • The seat of this machine has a cooling vent to cool you down when you are tired of rowing hard, actually, this is unique in all!
  • The polyester & nylon straps that are there on this machine helps you get a good grip while you begin once you are habitual you need no grip though!

This machine can handle almost 700 pounds of weight and the height range of almost 6.5 feet long. So, you can get Fit Body with the rowing machine!


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