How to prevent air sickness?

Airsickness is a type of motion sickness. It is a sensation which is felt while you travel. It happens when the body receives the conflicting message which affects the health. It affects the inner ear, eyes and muscles balance and equilibrium. Air sickness involves vomiting and nausea. It often happens to those people who travel in the flight first time or rarely. The body takes time to get adjusted with flying on the airplane. Passengers also get sick by observing the objects in the plane. Sometimes people become frustrated with the air sickness.

How airsickness caused?

The body reacts to different conflicting signals in moving things like car or airplane. It senses movements and interprets accordingly. When you are travelling via airplane eyes rest and adjust to the movement similarly inner ear also reacts to the movements. This conflict of movements and reaction causes nausea. The few symptoms of air sickness are fatigue, sweating, vomiting, dizziness, headache or severe incapacitation. Women and children are more prone to airsickness as they are more vulnerable to motion sickness.

How to prevent airsickness?

If you feel airsickness than it can be prevented, you can start by flying frequently with the flights than the train. This way, the body gets to adjust to the motions involved. It is advised to eat nutritional food which is low in sodium and stay hydrated while travelling on the flight. Some therapy like pressure therapy can help in preventing from airsickness.

Things not to do

Try not to read while flying. Try to divert your mind and don’t focus on the sickness. Stay positive and do not lay head down. Get engaged in some other work like listening to music or anything that makes you calm.  It will be better you can go to sleep for few hours. Eat in small portions.

How to prepare for the flight if you have air sickness?

It is recommended that before your air travel drink lots of water. Also, carry the small water bottle in case of urgency. Always wear loose clothes as they are more comfortable while flying by airplane. If you have flying sickness, make yourself comfortable and relaxed before boarding a plane. You can also prefer to sit on the front edge of the wing which is a very stable area in an airplane. When you check in for your flight, explain that you are prone to air sickness and ask for a seat towards the front edge of the wing – the most stable part of the plane.

Treatment for air sickness

The prevention is more effective than treatment. Almost all the sickness pills are effective; however, some pills may have the side effect of drowsiness. Ask your doctor for better medication. It is believed ginger is the home remedy for the symptoms of airsickness. Non-medicinal treatments are more effective. Medicine effect is temporary. Treatment is best to be taken before the airsickness that is before few hours before travelling. There are some oral tablets like antihistamines available at the pharmacy without a prescription. You can take it 30 minutes before travel and is quite effective.



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