How to Help Someone with Mental Health Issues?

There are many people who are really afraid to talk about their Mental Health issues. People of different backgrounds and ages experience fatal mental health issues which include anxiety, schizophrenia and many other disorders. According to the recent survey, it has been found that in the UK almost 26% of people suffering from the mental health issues.

People express sadness and remorse with their comments and posts on social media, but they are afraid to discuss this topic in front of their family member or friends. In this article, you would come to know how you can help someone with mental health issues.

If you find your friend or family member struggling with the mental health problem, then you should ask them if they want to share something with you. You should listen and understand the problem and properly give advice whenever it required. Make sure you are not judging their concerns or worries. Always show some patience while listening to their concerns and answer properly.

Mental Health Issues

There would be various signs that your friend is in trouble and approaching an emergency situation. These signs of warning would include substance abuse, self-injury, suffered from a traumatic event, family life changed and signs of depression. You must learn to be supportive of anyone struggling with the mental health issue.

Some of us think that the solution to this problem is very easy- consult your doctor, take medicine and you would be fine within a few days. A treatment plan would need the perfect therapies, sleep, nutrition, stress, and exercise. You should understand that not every solution would be a perfect one so you should keep trying which would work best for you.

Care about that person

Always show that you care about that person. There are many schools, coaches, trained professionals, support groups, teachers and crisis hotlines available which would help you in providing long and short-term help to anyone who needs it. If you are a father, then always spend some quality time with your kids. By doing this, you would be attached more to your kids and would come to know what type of emotional issues they are having. This is one of the perfect ways to see the early symptoms of the mental illness.


Yoga is one of the best effective treatments to handle the mental health issues. It is helpful in cases of stress, bipolar conditions, anxiety and other mental health problems. If you have a kid and he/she is suffering from any stress or anxiety problem, then please give proper attention to him/her.

It would help you in knowing the exact reason so that you can help your kid to come out from the mental illness. You should keep communicating with your kid and understand his problems. If still the problem is not solved, then you can consult your doctor to get helpful solutions.

So, if you have seen anyone in your family members or friends dealing with the mental health issues, then make sure you are helping him out of it.


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