How to lose weight quickly in one month

We know we all want to live fit and healthy life. But how to control the weight or reduce the excessive weight is very challenging. We follow so many diets but it is temporary, instead, you fall into gaining more weight. But now you can balance the right weight and can stop the overweight issues. You don’t need to starve all the time and invest in supplements or double the workout timing. Now follow our few simple tips to lose weight and get back in shape.

Drink plenty of water

When we go to a gym, we are advised to drink the energy drink, Juice or light beer. But these substitutes have calories but water has zero calories. Water is good for other health benefits. It is a perfect slim down drink. We don’t ask for excessive water to drink but you 2-3 liters of water as per your capacity per day.

Do 30 minutes of exercise daily

We are not asking for the one-hour workout, just a thirty minutes cardio is enough to burn extra calories. You will burn more calories by having workout session in short intervals.

Eat more veggies to lose weight

Follow the veggies diet for five times a day which includes, rice, sandwich, spaghetti, salads, green vegetables and chapatti. The veg food is very quickly digested as compare to non-veg. It is very simple like instead of chips with dips you can go for veggies with dips. Veggies help to flush out excessive fat.

Coffee before workout

Well, it is tried and tested, drink a cup of skimmed milk or black coffee half an hour before work out. This way you can work out more productively and burn more calories than the regular workout.

Eat five serving of fruits and vegetables in a day

Here we are not asking to reduce the diet rather asking to increase the servings five times a day instead of three. It is advised to have fresh fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods. The processed foods are often high in fats and sodium. In some research, it is found people reduced weight by taking home made food for lunch at the office than eating out at the canteen.

Sleep for eight hours

Whether you sleep six hours or seven hours. It is compulsory to have eight hours good sleep so that you can make better choices of food. The good sound sleep increases the metabolism rates. It is an exceptionally good news for all the people who want to lose weight.

Sacrifice on your favorite food

It is the common tendency for men to have more diet of the favourite food. For example, you always crave for chocolate post lunch and post dinner. You can go for chocolate after dinner and skin it after lunch. This way you can control to take extra calories. You are not sacrificing on the whole diet only a few efforts will give unexpected results.

These are few tips which will do wonders on your body. You can balance your diet and remember not to skip any meal. Just focus on eating right at right time.



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