Top 10 Home Remedies for Neuropathy

Neuropathy connected with the nerve damages and pain which is occurring due to several different reasons. In body nerve system performs essential role because it also connected directly with our brain functions as well. Generally, these neuropathy requires proper treatment without following treatment the condition decreases day by day rapidly.

To get relief from neuropathy here are top 10 home remedies are as below:-

  1. Alpha Lipoic Acid: –

This acid conveniently gets through online or retail stores. It is an important fatty acid which mostly found in human body. This acid works as an energy or increases the formation of acid. It performs as a potent antioxidant which secures from damage-free fillers and also converts blood sugar into energy. Intake of 600 mg dose regularly cures of neuropathy problem.

  1. Magnesium: –

Generally, our body requires magnesium, but we can’t get it according to value through our balanced diet. Its essential role to enhance formation of a protein or fatty acid in the body. Once this value diminishes in the body, the patient condition becomes worse who is suffering from neuropathy. At least a normal body intake 400mg dose of magnesium regularly.

  1. Cayenne Pepper: –

Cayenne Pepper is not so tasty for a spicy addicted patient. It has beneficial property to provide relief from pain and explores healthy circulation or digestion. It is easy to intake just add cayenne pepper in your diet and prevents from neuropathy.

  1. Primrose Oil: –

This oil performs specifically to improve imbalance nerve function and also cures of diabetic neuropathy. It contains a higher amount of omega – 6 acids. It becomes the best source to enhance revive damages nerve cell.

  1. Essential Oil: –

Different types of oil have actively performed their specific function. And also, these oils secures from neuropathy pain as well. There are some oils are geranium, wintergreen and German chamomile oil. These oils are helpful for removing hardcore pain.

  1. Exercise: –

Exercise is the activity which provides relief in natural form. While doing regular exercise raises overall health, maintains blood circulation flow and explores damaged cells into actively working process. It will help to eliminate diabetes, neuropathy and stress level.

  1. Acupuncture: –

It is also a part of the home remedy, it works effectively on neuropathy patient frequently.

     8. Foot Care: –

Simple and effective remedy, once you take care of your feet there will be 0% of health issues occur in a body. Some steps are must follow are:-

  • Always clean your feet.
  • Wear comfortable slippers and shoes.
  • Carefully trimmed your toenail, so that it can’t be damaged.
  • Bath your feet with Luke warm water.
  1. Vitamins: –

Vitamins are also essential for the body. The body requires Vitamin B – 1, 6 and 12. These vitamins contain folic acid which works actively for nerve.

  1. Cut Back On Alcohol: –

To get relief from neuropathy, just avoid alcohol from your daily diet. Because it contains toxins which damage your nerve rapidly.

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