Health Myths Which Should Be Buried Quickly

People at present times are more health conscious than ever! They want to look great and have healthy bodies. We go to dieticians, pediatricians, exercise daily and eat specific Kinds of food to keep our body fit and mentally healthy. However, if we look at the internet today, there are a plethora of suggestions regarding food. Be it to lose weight, gain weight, stay healthy etc. None of this information floating on the internet has any backing of proofs from any doctors.  This narrative will inform you about some health myths which may help differentiate fact from fiction. Read on!

Health Myths

Sanitizer Is Enough to Clean Your Hands

No! Do not ever think that you do not need to wash your hands before eating if you have used a sanitizer. This is one of the biggest misunderstandings that people have. Sanitizers are only effective on the ‘surface germs’ on your hands. Some germs remain on your hands even after sanitizing. They are the strong ones and are removed only after washing your hands with proper anti-septic soap.

Bad Smell Means Food Is Unsafe

People smell food and tell whether it is edible or not. Even if it smells little bad, we strongly believe that is has developed germs. Well, this belief is absolutely wrong. If the food does not smell well, it does not necessarily mean that it has become contaminated. The bad smell actually means that the food has lost its quality. Only an improper storage and exposure of food in the open causes bacterial growth and increases the risk of foodborne diseases. Think twice before throwing your food in the dustbin next time!

Exercising Can Vanish Junk Food’s Ill Effects

If you think that working out for long hours will compensate your poor food choices, you are living in a falsehood then! Exercising is good but not without the proper nutrition. Eating lots of junk food is not safe. The added preservatives are so hard to expel from the body that sometimes even workouts fail to do so. Also, exercising means you need to be healthy enough to continue hard exercise regime. Means, you got to have nutrition inside your body to support the workouts. Without a proper and healthy diet, you will become weaker and weaker. And if you do exercise in this case, you will ruin your health more!

Do not Eat Ice-Cream If You Have a Cold

This is one of the strongest health myths. People stay away from ice-creams when they have a cold. However, the reality is totally upside-down. Ice-creams and other frozen desserts have nothing to do with the cold. It is scientifically proved that ice-creams do not increase the mucus production. This means it does not increases the effect of cold in your throat. So after knowing this, you can eat ice-cream without any fear even after having sneezes!

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