How to make your hair growth

Remember that beautiful healthy hair in school where we use to tie up our hair in two plaits and oil them regularly? We all want that beautiful shaft of healthy hair again which looked voluminous and shine brightly. With the increase of stress and pollution in the environment it becomes very difficult to keep up the same essence of hair. So here are some really helpful tips will support you in making your hair growth.

  1. Eat healthily it will reflect.

Our body is lacking proteins and vitamins which will help us improve our overall body. There are certain nutrients which we need and our body is not getting or if we even eat then absorption of nutrients is not happening completely. Vitamin B12 and iron is generally low in our diet though it is needed in small quantities. Hence it is advisable to concentrate on protein rich diet with a lot of pulses and green leafy vegetable which have the presence of lots of vitamins.

  1. Increase intake of water.

Increase intake of water is advisable everywhere as water is the key to a better life. With increase intake of water you are not only targeting better hair growth but also you are detoxifying your body to initiate healthier root. We are not only looking at the hair length but also looking at the hair quality. On an average consumption of 2 liters of water in a day is advisable for good amount of excretion of urine, it should not be concentrated.

So increase intake in water will help you with better growth and reduction in hair growth.

  1. Fruit and vegetable juices.

A freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juice instead of the one in tetra packs is highly recommended. These juices help you hydrate quickly for betterment in quality and quantity of hair growth. They contain certain vitamins and minerals which help in strengthening roots which in return will give you healthy growth. Helps in reducing hair fall and of hair is also controlled.

A glass of juice daily is advised.

  1. Vitamin C regulation.

We generally have a deficiency of vitamin c especially due to its malabsorption hence we do consume but our body is lacking in its absorption.  The sources of Vitamin C are citric food like lemon, oranges; tomatoes etcetera consumption of this on daily basis will help you to bring shine in your hair. Even for the home made mask addition of lemon juice help you to bring that instant shine.

  1. Application of home-made masks.

There are various home-made masks which are made from ancient times. They are very much recommended by our grandmothers. They include a paste of papaya, methi paste, curd and lemon mask. These are some ancient methods to increase hair quality and hastening hair growth process.

Apply this mask one or two times a week by taking out time from your busy schedule and see the results yourself. These are the few tips which will help you in getting thick shiny and good hair growth.




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