Full Body Workout at Your Home

Have you ever missed the gym just because you cannot afford to leave home after a long and tiring day? Or has traffic in your area have ever made it impossible for you to reach the gym on time? Well, if something like what I have just mentioned has happened in your life, you are at an absolutely correct place. In this post, I am going to tell you a Full Body Workout to remain healthy by exercising and that too without hitting the gymnasium. The best way to do it is by exercising at home. But before you can think of it, you are troubled thinking what kind of fitness exercise you should start with! Do not worry! We will introduce you to some of those. Read below!

Full Body Workout Methods


Place your hands on your shoulder width in a press-up position. The hand gestures should be completely flat. Doing this will form a straight line of your body from head to heels. Lower your body by using the power of your hands. Lower the body till your chest is only an inch away from the ground. Then push yourself up with energy. Keep on repeating till fifteen minutes on a daily basis. This will make your joints stronger. Also, it will provide strength to your shoulders.


Bend your knees and lie completely flat on the ground. Make your arms out at 45-degree angle. Your palms should be facing up at this position.  In this positions try to make your stomach as thin as possible and then and hold it as long as you can.  This will provide the body with a tight core. Breathe normally. Then holding this positions squeeze your glutes and at the same time raise your hips. Remain in this position for five seconds. Then repeat this. For a daily basis, you can do 10 rounds of this exercise. This will keep your stomach flat and body in shape.

Downward Facing Dog

On your mat floor, kneel down and bring your feet together.  Place both of your hands in the flat position. Make sure you have positioned your hand’s at shoulder-width apart with your fingers. Face forward. Now get into a pushing position and do it slowly till your shoulders come to the positions in which they lie directly over your hands. Push your hips backward. Push your heels towards the floor. Keep pushing until your body forms an inverted V position. This keeps your arms and legs strong.

Farmer’s Walk

This is one of the simplest exercises. Hold a heavy dumbbell in each of your hands and give half of your body weight on your hands. Stand up and keep your shoulders back. With short steps, walk as quickly as you can. There are many benefits of this super simple exercise. This Full Body Workout broadens and strengthens your shoulders. So, it makes your grips strong and provides great strength in your arms. This also pumps up the muscles on your shoulders. This is one of the most preferred exercises to provide overall health top your body.


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