Why exercise in the heat will be less effective than you think?

Exercise has always been linked to more sweating. Whenever we sweat more we have to think like we have burnt extra calories which are a wrong notion which we carry amongst ourselves. Sweating more does not only mean that you have burnt some calories it also may be the sign of dehydration and in contact in hot weather when you burn calories or for that matter sitting in a sauna will help you then this is where you going wrong.

The best and only way to exercise and lose weight is to really exert and work out on regular intervals. There is no other healthy way to lose weight than exercise it right.


If you are exerting in hot and humid weather thinking that more you sweat it out faster you will lose your weight then that is your myth. In cases of working out in these weather, there are chances of mitochondrial dysfunction, mitochondrial is a part of the cell which is also known as the powerhouse of the cell.

Mitochondria can be the reason behind aging, obesity and chronic dehydration. Hence we need to take certain precautions before exerting in this weather like keeping your water in check, consuming fruit juices, electrolyte energy drinks our kind of things you can have.


The think with saunas is that they can help you combat the stress which you get throughout the day, the steam which you get exposed to can help in blood circulation and help you in opening of skin pores but if you want to connect it through weight loss it is little tough to say about that as sauna does not really have it’ s action on metabolism of the body.

A sauna cannot help in excretion of toxins from the body as it does not have the mechanism to do so. Yes, it can leave you in dehydration if you use it more than necessary. It is the reason for our body going in dehydration because of loss of important fluids from the body if we use in excess hence for weight loss it is not highly recommendable and same goes for the new sauna belts which are introduced in the markets for hastening weight loss. Due to the sauna, there might be an excess of blood going away from the organs which can be fatal for the body resulting in health risk from cardiac system to the gastric region.

With exposure towards heat our body also needs internal cooling so the best way to survive in the race of weight loss you need a proper exercise regime where your muscles are doing some efforts and it will make it stronger and toned in a healthy manner instead of using this alternative which will land you in dehydration and expose to another health risk.

A proper diet will help you, even more, hence health is best achieved with efforts, no alternative to good health.


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