Everything you should know about Neuropathy

Neuropathy is something that explains the function of nerves and cannot be examined with a naked eye. By seeing a person, you cannot say that the person has nerve problem because it relates to internal organs. There are a lot of tests that do the diagnosis of neuropathy. Usually, it is done either using a blood test, CT scan, MRI scan, and most doctors don’t recommend X-rays because they are used for bones. This disease is the treatment given for nerves and it is diagnosed using electromyography, nerve conduction velocity test and nerve biopsy.

Types of neuropathy

  • Peripheral
  • Proximal
  • Autonomic
  • Focal

What causes neuropathy?

Neuropathy occurs mainly because of the internal nerve which is not functioning properly. If the nerves are stimulated or activated for a long time, then they tend to land up with neuropathy/ Diabetic neuropathy is an underlying disease. Compression of nerves, entrapment of nerves and other reasons are not so active nerves.

These reasons lead to this disease but they can be healed in natural ways. Using home remedies, one can treat the neuropathy. Wash the plate with warm water or give pressings with ice cubes. Nerves tend to respond to either very temperature or very cold temperature. Nerve pain is truly in bearable after tooth pain.

Antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and drugs are given for pain. Why nerve pain is very dangerous because we will not even know what the problem is. Internal pains are often a disaster unless and until you know how to treat that pain. So, the doctor’s first treat them with painkillers because for CT scan you must be on stable position without even moving your legs and hands.


So, if you are in pain that is not possible. Physiotherapy is one solution for neuropathy where your nerves are treated slowly but the results are long term. For people who have diabetes, it is not preventable because they are bound to have? Not everyone is affected by it but few are done.

Saying that this disease is a scary pain that we have, the treatments have now improved a lot better so there is no worry for the treatments. You can even treat them with home remedies if you are feeling comfortable. Peripheral neuropathy is easy to treat whereas proximal is a little complicated and needs a lot of tests involved. Anyhow all the types of disease are curable and they indeed give a lot of pain when not diagnosed.


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