Dental Implants Types, Process and Benefits

A Dental implant is also known as an endosseous fixture or implant. It is metal frame or post that is positioned with the surgery into the jawbone beneath the gums. They come in different heights, sizes as well as types. An expert of dental implants can help you identify which alternative is good for you.

Types of Dental Implants

Subperiosteal implant

It is used for those patients who do not have healthy jawbone or who don’t want to have a bone augmentation process in order to rebuild it.

Endosteal implant

This type of implant can be placed in the jawbone. It is made of titanium. The shape of this implant looks like a small screw.

Process of Implant

With the implants, you will be able to correct your oral health issues such as bad breath, bad teeth, gum disease, missing teeth, failing teeth. Whether, you would like to live your life denture-free or you replace all your teeth, multiple teeth or a single tooth, you can do.  Check out our process of implants below:

  1. Implant placement
  2. Attachment of the abutment
  3. The prosthetic work
  4. Maintenance

Benefit of Implants

Renew Your Self-Confidence as well as Restore Self-Esteem

This procedure helps you feel great and confident about yourself as implants enable you to smile, laugh as well as eat without any embarrassment.

Improve your Appearance

A big benefit is that they can preserve your bone as well as prevent further collapse of the structure of the face, and thus improve your appearance.

 Be Comfortable in Every Situation

With dental implants, you will be able to drink, sleep, eat, brush and floss as they are 100% permanent.

Get Instant Results

Doctors are able to replace your failing or missing teeth with beautiful, new implant-supported restorations with a small process. Make sure that every case is different, thus we provide you an accurate timeframe for long replacement teeth.

Follow-Up and Maintenance

As discussed earlier, the implants provide you a lifelong, permanent smile, and it’s imperative to protect that smile. You must keep regular care for your implants by flossing, brushing and also regular cleanings and checkups.

Improve Your Quality of Life

They allow both your mouth function and smile to be very natural, which results in increased confidence as well as comfort when eating, speaking, and smiling. If partials and dentures are replaced with the implant-supported teeth, your lifestyle will be enhanced. As you can easily eat all foods and you can smile and speak easily!

They enhance your life by…

  • Never need to take out bridges or dentures again!
  • Enhancing eating habits instantly
  • Reducing destructive as well as unsightly metal clasps common with the use of partial dentures
  • Reducing messy adhesives

The dental implants are very affordable because they do not require to be replaced. Moreover, you will not require any special cleaning tools or agents in order to maintain them. You just need to do regular flossing as well as brushing.

Solutions of Dental implant

Every tooth is replaced with 1 implant per tooth. However, if you want to replace several missing teeth, there are other solutions. According to need, 2 to 4 implants may already restore your lower or upper jaw with a set of fixed teeth.

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