Common mistakes people do while choosing weight loss products

Since most of the people are obese today, fitness products and fitness regimens have entered the market and are ruling it. People are ready to pay any amount to reduce weight and become fit. They don’t realize that reducing the gained weight takes a lot of time. An immediate result guaranteed by those so-called weight loss products puts them in jeopardy when not taken properly.

The popular weight loss products available in the market are as follows:

  1. Pills/medicines
  2. Meal replacements
  3. Crash diets
  4. Weight loss programs
  5. Green tea/ green coffee

Pills/ medicines

there are so many medicines and tablets available as across the counter medicines without any prescriptions. Leading companies like Himalaya and Patanjali produce the same weight loss medicines under the Ayurveda tag. People should not do self-medication at any cost as it may even prove fatal. Without consulting a doctor one should not start taking weight loss pills.

Meal replacements

these fancy named drinks are basically thick milkshake powders that are sold by all drug manufacturers. One has to skip a meal and take a glass of this shake; they claim that this keeps one feeling full for 5 whole hours!! Honestly, skipping a meal is never a healthy option! Nobody realizes this and they happily chose to drink this instead of eating a balanced meal!!

Crash diets

this is the ultra-modern age weight loss technique. Using this technique a person can reduce up to 7- 10 kgs in a week! Sounds great right? This is the reason why people choose to experiment this. There is this popular diet called the “GM” diet, this is popularly known as the general motors’ diet and hence the name. In this, the person has to take only the prescribed food items for the whole day and nothing more.

 For example,

Day 1- eat only fruits except for bananas

Day 2- eat only vegetables, no starchy ones.

And the diet goes on for 7 days. At the end of it the person will reduce weight, but after stopping this diet there is no guarantee that there will not be a weight gain!

Weight loss programs

thanks to the ruling party of mass media, the TV, and the World Wide Web, a lot of commercials about weight loss programs and equipment are continuously being telecasted daily. People are desperate to find solutions and hence to seeing these commercials they just jump right into enrolling in the program without even knowing the pros and cons of it!

Green tea

tea is generally considered to be healthy. Green tea is said to be even healthier than the normal tea we have. Drinking green tea daily helps us in producing antioxidants in the body which can help us fight diseases. People have a misconception here and believe that drinking green tea helps in weight loss. It does burn the fat accumulated in the body though. Also, you can try out Green coffee bean Max as an alternative.

People should think twice before using any products/ supplements and should consult a doctor or dietician who can really chart out a personalized plan for weight loss.

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