Care tips for newly born to three-year-old children

Healthy teeth are not only good for child’s health but also for adults.  Since the time of birth, we should care for each and every part of the body including mouth and teeth. The healthy teeth promote the dental health of a child.

Children’s dental health

Use a clean soft towel, cloth or baby brush and gently clean the teeth with warm water for few seconds. For children above two years start using a small amount of fluoride toothpaste which is easily available in the market. It is found in all kids tooth paste. You can check the composition before buying a tooth paste. You can also start by taking dentist suggested toothpaste. Always provide healthy food and drinks. The regular dental check-up once in a year is sufficient. It is better to develop good habits from the early age to avoid future dental problems.

How to prevent cavities?

It is very important to teach your child with proper oral care from the birth. First, start with setting an example with taking care of your own teeth. You can set the example by brushing teeth along with your child. Follow these tips to prevent teeth from cavity-

As all dentist says, brush twice a day. The tooth decay happens due to the plaque collected on the teeth and the fluoride toothpaste is good to remove the plaque.

It is advised not to eat starchy or sugary food. These sugar foods are also the main cause of plaque. We have a habit of eating dessert after the main course well it is for the health reason. When we eat sugary food after the meal, it gets rinsed off from the mouth instead stick back.

The technique of brushing is important. You should clean tooth in a manner that plaque is removed from between the teeth and under the gum line. If it stays for a long time than plaque can be cleared only by the dentist.

Always make the habit of drinking fluoridated water. Due to deficiency of fluoridated water in most of the homes, dentist gives supplements to use.

Brushing methods for the children

Use soft tooth brush which is zig zag in shape so that it reaches between the teeth and reduce the chance of plaque getting the deposit on your teeth. Brush gently back and forth, under the gum line, outer and inside surface and around the gums. Use the brush in the circular motion and avoid swallowing the toothpaste. Even brush softly at the chewing surface of each tooth. And don’t forget to brush the tongue along with teeth.

What type of diet is needed for child’s dental health?

It is very important to have good and balanced diet for the overall health of the kid. With balanced diet child also grow stronger and healthy. The diet should contain calcium, phosphorous and fluoride for good health of a child. Avoid sugary foods like cookies, potato, candies etc. Overconsumption of such food leads to a cavity. A balanced diet and proper brushing are all you need for dental health.






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