What are the Cause of weight gain and obesity?

Obesity is one of the biggest health threats in the world. It is accompanied with other diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke and many others. It kills millions of people per year. It is a condition when a person has gained body fat in excessive that it is negatively affecting the health. The person is obese if he/she is gaining weight twenty percent higher than actual weight. The over weight gain is calculated on the basis of body mass index.

Body mass index is calculated from the body weight and height. You can calculate the healthy body weight, though it does not measure the percentage of body fat. If your body has body mass index between twenty-five to twenty-nine, you are overweight. You are obese if body mass index is greater than thirty. However, the body builder might have high BMI but less fat.

Why people become obese and overweight?

It is the cause of human behavior which is driven by biological things like genetics, hormones, eating behavior, sleeping and much more. Now we know obesity is the results of overeating. Weight gain and obesity can be caused due to many other reasons as well. It is very general people gain weight due to eating habits and physical habits. When you eat more, you gain calories which can be burned by some physical activity. Due to the imbalance in gaining calories and physical activity, you tend to gain weight which further leads to obesity.

Some cause are as follows

Environmental-When we talk about environmental factors it includes, gyms, parks, food, air, pollution and almost everything. We don’t have many parks due to over development. Even food is also improper lacking all the nutrients. Advertisements are more based on encouraging high-fat snacks and drinks which are completely unhealthy.

Genetical Somewhere genetics plays a vital role in obesity. Genes also contribute in gaining the weight. Many research and studies have confirmed the chances of having increased obesity is due to the genetics.

Medication – There are certain medicines which cause weight gain. There are so many nutritional supplements prescribed by the doctors which directly increase the weight of the body.

Endocrine Disruptors- There is a sugar substance called fructose found in beverages. It alters the lipid energy metabolism and causes the fat. It also causes the fatty liver.

Improper sleep- It has been found that people who have improper sleep or sleep for less hour have doubled the risk of getting obesity. A research was done by Professor Francesco Cappuccino, with twenty-eight thousand children, and in fifteen thousand adults. The evidence of the case showed that sleep is directly connected with the obesity risk.

In recent years, it has been believed that the lack of physical exercise and the imbalanced diet lead to increase in weight and obesity. These are the general causes. Apart from this, some medical causes can be hypothyroidism, Cushing syndrome, and depression. In today’s era, however, we have treatments for obesity and overweight. There is no scope to worry about such conditions.


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