Can Stretch Marks Go Away With Exercise?

Clearly known for many advantages, exercise is one such thing that is recommended by everyone. But what everyone isn’t aware is that it doesn’t aid in the elimination of stretch marks. What are scratch marks? Well, they are made up of scar tissue and take over a large part of the skin. This is developed in many people in areas where the weight gain is quite common like the hips, thighs, stomach, buttocks, and arms. But the good news is that they can still be treated and even removed but not with exercises.

Stretch Mark Cause

The occurring of stretch marks happens when the body masses under the skin grow or reduce. Since the skin of a person is adaptable in nature, therefore, it can stretch or become constrict in order to meet the needs. But when the change is fast and the skin isn’t capable of keeping up with the change, it leads to the stretching of the skin.

Hence, the damage is caused to the skin and the scar tissue is grown. In the times when the body mass expands or skin becomes saggy and useless then there is a decrease in the body fat and muscle. The most common reasons for such stretch marks are excessive weight gain, Surgeries, and extreme dieting.

Exercise for Treatment

It is quite unfortunate that many medical experts never recommend or acknowledge exercise as the way to get the stretch marks treated. What exercise actually does is that it helps in making the changes to the body mass as well as increases the muscle mass so that it fills in the loose skin or burning fat.

All these to curb the impacts of stretching due to body mass gain. Hence, the exercising can be taken in to reduce the effects of stretch marks because any kind of such mark existing already won’t have an impact on any kind of physical activity.


There are many factors which lead to the odds of getting the stretch marks. Regular water drinking is recommended for the body as it helps in providing it with vitamins and minerals which keep the skin adaptable and elastic. Moisturizing the skin daily is also necessary so as to avoid any risk of developing any form of stretch marks.


If there is rapid body loss then exercise can lead to the growth of body stretch marks. There are many cases where exercise contributes to the concern of marks. When a person is on a crash diet and that too at a very unhealthy rate while exercising for the day also. In adding up to the restrictions on your diet, decreasing the amount of exercise can actually help in minimizing the stretch marks development on the body of the person.

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