Bella Teeth Whitening Review

What is Bella Teeth Whitening all about?

Bella Teeth Whitening system is what that we are going to talk about today. This is also recognized by the name of tooth bleaching. The primary work done under this process helps in the restoration of natural tooth shade or it can do the whitening beyond the natural shade of the tooth.

The restoration method is only possible for the underlying and natural tooth shade and is done by just removing the surface stains from tea, red wine coffee and tobacco. The process is undertaken by a dental professional who also terms this process as “scaling and polishing”. Moreover, one can also use various oral hygiene methods at home to d the same but Calculus would be a difficult thing to remove if not no professional help is taken.

Ingredients –

Bella Teeth Whitening system comprises of the following ingredients –

  1. Glycerin

It helps in thickening and controlling the flow of the substances. This controlling is done from overextending of these substances to the gum tissues.

  1. Carbamide Peroxide

This is the oxidizing agent which goes deep inside the enamel and helps in breaking of the stain that gets deposited.

  1. Carbomer

This is the thickening agent which also works as an emulsion stabilizer and helps in prevention of separation of the solution.

  1. Menthol

This one is added to accomplish the flavour agenda.

  1. EDTA

This ingredient in Bella Teeth Whitening is held responsible for the removal of surface proteins and the debris of bacteria that creates an ideal atmosphere and helps in the oxygenation process to begin.

How does Bella Teeth Whitening work?

The entire process of tooth whitening takes 3 to 4 weeks. Initially, two to three visits will be required to the dentist. In the first visit, the team of experienced dental will create a mouth guard and the impressions will be taken too. Once the treatment starts, the treatment can be continued at home which includes regular applying of whitening product for nearly two to four weeks. However, there are other ways of treatments available but it all depends on your choice o selection.

How to use?

The gels for tooth whitening are used by applying it by taking the help of trays. Also, it must be taken care that the trays are clean before they are used. These trays are then to be inserted into the mouth and over the teeth. While inserting it, make sure it is firmly placed and there is no excessive gel present. The wearing time usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour, after which the tray is removed.


There are multiple benefits of teeth whitening and few of the important are as follows –

  1. a) Quick and comfortable treatment
  2. b) Shade control
  3. c) Long- lasting results
  4. d) Best as well as safest choice
  5. e) Gives the ability to smile with confidence.

Bella Teeth Whitening is a way which comes full of choices. This is the process with which you won’t hesitate anymore but give that Hollywood smile and make an A – class impression.

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