Beauty Hacks Every Lazy Girl Must Know

Every woman must have several loveliness behaviors for any crisis that occurs and it is essential to fix something immediately. Therefore, we tell you some beauty hacks tips that every girl should know by heart.

Beauty Hacks Tips

Lip balm

To make your lips look fit, put a pretty kind layer of cocoa cream in your mouth before going to sleep. In this way, if you do it daily, your lips will become stronger and softer.

The natural tone of your lips

If you like to wear cherry, try to make your clothes two shades dark to the natural tone of your lips. It is very significant!

Hair Drying

Every time you dry your hair, start with the newest temperature and then finish with the coolest level of your dryer.

Eyes tired

If you got up with tired eyes and have time in the morning, I put two spoons for 25 minutes in the freezer and then place them with a little force in the bags of your eyes. They will deflate instantly.

A pimple

chose a hidden shade as your makeup when you want to cover one of your shins. Skin without shine Wash your face with cold water, so this will stimulate your blood vessels and you will recover your natural color and shine.

Eyes without life

If your eyes seem tired after a long sleepless night, place a brilliant and clear shadow, so you will give them back their lives.


Whenever you go to make up, apply the concealer before the base, so you save a little makeup.


Do not slide your skirmish in and out of the tube, because this does not do the product well. Air enters and dries faster

Black points

Apply clay masks to take out the horrible black spots that continually haunt us all.

Hair action

Before applying a hair action cream you must dry your wet hair with the make dry as best you can, place the product and let it rest. Then, rinse well and you will see how it improves the look of your hair.

Oily skin

If at midday your face looks greasy, do not apply a second layer of the structure, improved take a tissue and press on your area “T”.

Face washing

When you are cleaning and washing your face, you must do it twice: the first removes the dirt and the second clean with greater depth.

The correct way to apply makeup

Apply the mask also on the upper part of the eyelashes, as these are very clear, the top part will be visible and you will end up with two-color eyelashes.


When you get out of the wash, you can apply body cream. Actually, it should not take more than three minutes because or else it will not get wet properly.

Keep your eye lotion in the fridge if you want it not to be distended

In the absence of blush, use lipstick.

So, follow above Beauty Hacks tips and make life easy!


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