Arthritis-Trending Joint Disease the New Bone Striker!

What is Arthritis? What are its basic types?

There are several diseases that are trending in the globe due to many specific reasons that are upcoming. Like wrong food habits, wrong sleeping habits, wrong sleeping positions and much more. Basically, arthritis is said to be an inflammatory condition that causes inflammation in the joints and the bones.

This disease basically makes your bone stiffer and makes it hard to move. Also, it makes the joint painful and causes errors while walking or running at a normal pace too. The name arthritis is derived from the word inflammation that is caused in the joints.

There are various kinds of Arthritis known: Commonly medical practitioners and many doctors have proved that there is more than 200-250 arthritis existing.

1) Osteoarthritis–   Known to be as Degenerative Joint Disease. The parts that are commonly affected due to this arthritis or disease are neck, hands,

2) Inflammatory –

  • Rheumatoid- In this arthritis basically the inner thin lining in the bones is badly affected which later starts feeling inflammation and irritation. Due to this arthritis, the bones are totally damaged and worse pain starts to occur. This arthritis is basically seen in fingers, hands & wrist bones.


  • Reactive- this arthritis basically occurs due to various bacteria’s that affect the joint bones badly and causes damage also. The places where these bacteria stay are mostly bowels and genitals.


  • It associated with colitis or Psoriasis- These are all the way related towards urine and bowels too.

3) Degenerative or mechanical – This arthritis basically affects the cartilage of the bones and dysfunction of joint bones begins which also causes high levels of fracture cases too.

4) Juvenile  – This is caused to children who are below the age of 18. Basically, this arthritis turns out the bone to be hollow and weak. This arthritis actually affects the hip, neck, jaw, hips, wrists, knees, ankles etc.

5) Connective Tissue Diseases- From the name, we understand that these tissues act as supportive tissues that they connect and bind the joints well. There are various minor categories that are under this CTD like:

  • Dermatomyositis
  • SLE ( Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)
  • Systemic Sclerosis.

6) Metabolic Arthritis – In our body there are various chemical reactions that take place which breaks down various numbers of enzymes and proteins that are called as purines. These are actually found in human cells & various foods. This basically happens due to uric acid which due to excess creation starts accumulating in the joint bones.

7) Infectious Arthritis- This happens due to various bacteria’s, viruses, a fungus which causes a lot of inflammation in the joints which also includes:

  • Hepatitis C
  • Due to STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases)
  • Food poisoning and contamination are also some of the reasons that make the joint bones hollow.

8) Soft tissue Musculoskeletal Pain & Back Pain Arthritis.

Here are some causes of Arthritis lets learn about them:

1) Infections

2) Immune System Dysfunction

3) Sometimes inheritance

4) At times due to injuries or accidents.

5) Bad or Abnormal Metabolism.

What are the sign or symptoms to understand it at the early age?

1) Continued pain in joints, bones, also continues swelling in the joints.

2) Too much of stiffness in the bones and hard movement or difficulty of bones.

3) Symptoms of Osteoarthritis are basically Pain and stiffness in the joints, morning cramps, and pains, hard movement of joints too.

4) Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms are basically morning continuous bone swelling and stiffness in joints and bones, chest pain, irritation, sleeping movement difficulties, at times chest pain too.

What can be the various treatments for it?

A better-balanced diet, medication, exercises, better time and self-management, various physical therapies and oils for massage, various day to day physical activities, can naturally work on Arthritis.

What kind of impact can be seen when it is active in someone?

There can be a lot of physical disability seen and measured, emotional downfall, health issues, BMI can be affected, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels too.







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