Get an Amazing Diet schedule for unbelievable weight loss

Health is said to be the most precious thing that each and everyone has. All the way it is believed that the best health is achieved by good diet and food intake. In this busy lifestyle where things have changed abruptly achieving a healthy body has become a task.

If you try to understand the Health actually is your wealth which helps you keep your mind, body, and soul calm and strong. A healthy body helps you make the perfect decisions for yourself. In the world around in all the corners of this globe, we hear and see many health issues that are coming.

They are at times new, some old, some worse, some unheard. There are also weight issues which give birth to Blood pressure issues, Blood Sugar issues, Heart disease, veins blockage, cardio vascular fat accumulation etc. Now as you have no time to get into better exercising habits nutritional food habits are the ones you need.

Here’s a schedule that once you start following, changes are mandatory:

Early Morning with Healthy Breakfast:

Get into the habit of waking up by 5-6 AM to start a fresh, healthy day. Once you get into this habit start your day with a natural juice of Lemon and honey mix which works as the best fat cutter or reducer. Lemon & Honey both are known to be weight loss experts and are suggested by many physicians, dieticians & nutritional advisors.

Also, make sure that the breakfast you to in the morning provides you basic proteins and energy that your body needs to carry on the day to day activities. Try indulging in the habit of having two boiled eggs with brown bread, Corn flakes or oats, fruits or fruit juice, Cheeses and brown bread. Note that you don’t use substitutes as they can prove to be harmful.

When its Lunch Time:

There are several things that you need to take care of before you take lunch as this channelizes your blood sugar level in the blood. Mostly try hot coffee or any other food product which channelizes your metabolism. Metabolism is necessary for a healthy diet.

While you have lunch ensure you intake boiled/ roasted chicken, boiled cereals, fruits or salads, brown rice, soya bean, curd etc. you need to indulge in food habits which help better food digestion. Always avoid rice, white bread, fried foods, processed food stuff etc.

  • What when it’s Evening Time: Indulge the habit of drinking Green Tea with some boiled Chana for better metabolic activities.
  • Well, Dinner/Supper Time: It is always suggested to have light food, like salads, boiled food, soups, fruits, fruit juice (thick) vegetable soups, boiled egg. But it is suggested to avoid the yoke. It contains a high rate of cholesterol which can lead to dangerous heart diseases and problems. You may also drink boiled hot milk either plain or with turmeric.

Some additional key points you should know:

  • Avoid processed food to avoid various abdominal issues and bowel problems.
  • Avoid heavy dinner which includes most of the fried things mostly nonveg.
  • Avoid getting into the habit of eating late dinner. Keep or Practice a nominal time of 8 PM so that you can head to sleep by 11 PM.

In last, the Practice better sleeping habits. Avoid sleeping after you had food, and sleep early to lead a healthy lifestyle.


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